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Socks... more important than we might think?

How important are socks? Why are their features important? What is overlooked? What is missing? Questions we asked ourselves as we delved deep into research on everything socks! This is how we addressed our collection, based on importance of walking, foot stability, growth, correct shape development, balance and muscle adaptability. It seems an obvious item, yet parents struggle to find unique socks, this is possibly why there is a gap in specialised socks for babies and children. Of course you can walk into any store, supermarket and pick up regular socks, but can you zone in onto specific requirements that you may not have even considered prior. With so many climates involved in different countries, different flooring and requirements, it is easy to see why this is avoided by many companies.

All of our socks are made with organic eco logical cotton, different styles containing some other materials depending on style and for which season. Developing socks also creates issues on how exactly we aim to offer not only fun, creative designs but how to actually incorporate features that allow benefits to children. Check our product descriptions for more info.

Many of our designs contain a key feature, appreciated by both child and parents, ANTI SLIP... wow! Those first steps, the little 'pull myself up and stumble along' months of a child are so important, that the added anti slip feature allows the sock to grip the floor for support, offering protection from the second they stand up.

When parents look at products for their children, they generally look for features to show 'Why should I buy this?' We feel this has been overlooked and is a question not asked about socks (other than the material) and we will revolutionise this change. Below are some. features we have developed for our collection.

Anti Slip, Breathable, Sweat Proof, Odor Free, Anti Bacterial, Non Toxic, Metallic Free, Natural Materials, Organic Process, Firm Fitting Cuff, Silicone Elastic, Silicone Grip, Foot Hugging to avoid falling off, Snug Fit (avoid irritation), High Density Cushioning, Soft Heel, Firm Heel, Fleece Comfort, Protection To Impact Areas, Non Skid, Lightweight Cotton, Heavy Lining (Winter), Anti Squeeze (Promotes good blood circulation), Triple Roll (avoids sock slipping off ankle), Ribbed Cuffs, Foot Forming. There are many more, but as you can already imagine, socks are not as simple as they may seem and therefore, we welcome all queries to help parents build up more knowledge about socks for baby/children that allow them to question brands on the availability of these features.

Luckily for everyone who loves Mama Siesta, you know that these features don't come at a cost, literally or creatively. We aim to have the most fun, quirky, creative, unique designs as well as some simple and formal designs for all occasions. Our pledge, is that no matter where our research takes us, no matter the challenges, we will never cut corners when it comes to our community of customers. As all children deserve to enjoy these socks, we will maintain affordability and we will strive to make sure that all parents have access to these socks. Please continue to update yourself via the website shop for all of our new designs that are continually updated more regularly than any other season!

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