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Playtime Paris

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Our first trip to Playtime was an exciting way for Mama Siesta to gain further exposure on an international level for the brand. We were excited to exhibit our ideas, bring happiness and questions about our designs and our mission. We have released our new season in sync with Playtime and have moved into new markets to explore further and expand into previously undiscovered markets for us. The first trade show allowed our team to interact with stores, managers, buyers, parents...everyone relative to the industry who have specific goals and aims. It is always a pleasure to meet those interested and colleagues from the industry. Playtime is special, it holds a vibe and feeling amongst all those attending and we saw first hand why it is one of the premier trade shows in the world. As a brand on the verge of what we hope is something revolutionary for our industry, we will definitely be returning to Playtime Paris and expect to become a part of Playtime New York in 2019 also. We love to hear from everyone we met or who heard about the brand so please get in touch, even if it's just to say Hello!!

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